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Week Beginning: Monday 22nd February 2021

Weekly Activities




Listen to the story of ‘Sammy the Sloth goes back to school’


After the story discuss with an adult your feelings about returning to school.


Draw, write or record your answers either by using the sheets provided or use a separate piece of paper.


What are you excited/happy about returning to school?

Do you have any worries about returning to school? What are they?


When you have done this please send it to us on Dojo or seesaw and we can discuss any worries to reassure you before your return on Thursday.

Sammy Sloth Goes Back to School

Rachel Cook has written a book to help children return to school after lock down


In the story Sammy's best friend was Stan and he loved to play with him. Can you think of some of your friends that you have missed playing with in school?


Can you draw/paint a picture of yourself and a few of your friends that you are looking forward to seeing soon. Then write what you are most looking forward to playing together either in class or on the playground.



Back to School Quiz

Before we start back school, I have put together a little quiz to remind your child of some of the things we do/have in class. Have fun and send me their answers.

  1. What insect is our class named after? (Caterpillar)
  2. What are your teacher’s names? (Mrs Smith and Miss Rees)
  3. Can you name 3 of your friends in our class?
  4. Do we have our fruit in the morning or afternoon? (Morning)
  5. What must we do before we have dinner? (Toilet and wash hands)
  6. Can you sing our dinner time prayer? (Thank you for the world so sweet, thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you God for everything, Amen)
  7. How can you get a Dojo point? (Be kind, work hard, sit nice, good listening etc)
  8. Who can you take home with you if you win star of the week? (Rosie Rabbit/ Fudge)
  9. Where do we go on a Monday with Mr Quinn? (Up the woods for Muddy Monday)

        10. Can you name 2 of the boxes of toys we use on the carpet area? (Blocks, train, Duplo, castle, lego, cars)