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Week 4 (27.4.20)

Learning how to add and write number sentences.


1 - First the children have to understand that addition is adding two groups together and be able to do this practically.  Putting objects into two (very clearly separate) groups, counting how many is in each group (remembering to line them up to ensure accuracy, and using one-to-one touch counting accurately) and working out the total (counting on, adding together).

2 - Children have to become familiar with the different ways we can make ten.

3 - Children have to be able to write the numbers (using the correct formation, facing the right way round).

4 - Children have to recognise the symbols needed which are + and = for addition number sentences. Then the tricky part of what they mean and how they fit into a number sentence.

5 - That they can put all the above together to form a number sentence!


This does take a lot of practise and repetition as well as adult input.  Don't worry if they are not there yet, just use it as a focus for your home learning.


This week I would like you to focus on the five skills above, starting from where your child is at. Use the activity booklets to find different ways to make ten and getting used to writing as number bonds. Then when you feel confident, move on to the next step.