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Wednesday 3rd

Maths Wednesday 3rd February

February 3, 2021

English - Day Three

Using your ideas from yesterday’s activity, write a character description about the characters you will use in your story.


The example attached is a character description of Miss Trunchbull from the story Matilda. Use this to help to structure your writing, and remember you have very few words to work with, so try not to write reems and reems!


Remember to think about:

- The character’s name

- What do they look like?

- What are they wearing?

- What kind of character are they?

- Do they have a job?

- How do they move or talk?



Friction (Gravity) Ball Rolling Experiment


Watch the video of Mr Wakeling completing the experiment, and record your results in the table.


Next week – We’ll complete the write up. 

Science - Wednesday 3rd February




Cosmic Kidz Yoga was so popular last week I thought I’d give you another to have a go at it!

Cracker The Dragon Of Wonder | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!