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Wednesday 27th

Efficient multiplication

Maths - Wednesday 27th January VIDEO 1

Maths - Wednesday 27th January VIDEO 2


Add in ‘When’

The log uses sentence signposts to tell the reader when something happened in the journey. The ones used in the log are known technically as ‘fronted adverbials’ – adverbs (or phrases beginning with adverbs) that are placed at the front of sentences to show us WHEN.

These include: First, Next, After that, Then, Afterwards, After a while, Finally, When … ,

 For example:

1. Next, I trekked to a clearing and found a beautiful plunge pool.

2. Finally, I headed back to camp because the sun began to set.


Redraft your sentences, using fronted adverbials to show WHEN things happened

Science - Force Diagrams


Think about the forces involved in the different types of natural disaster before drawing on arrows to explain which direction the forces operate in.


In the example attached, I have completed the forces associated with a Tsunami. Can you complete the other 5?




Cosmic Kidz Yoga was so popular last week I thought I’d give you another to have a go at!


Join in with our dinosaur adventure this week! Upload you completing your yoga to SeeSaw!


Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!