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Maths Wednesday 10th March

Maths Wednesday 10th March

Maths Wednesday 10th March

Speech verbs

 Task: Can you think of other words that you can use instead of the word said when writing dialogue. Write different words you can think of around the bubble that could be used instead of said. 
Task 2: Choose a speech verb to complete the sentence. 


Maths Practice Functions Multiplication 
Pick your level of task – complete the questions using ANY method you are comfortable with. Reflect on your ability to complete multiplication problems. What is the most tricky part of multiplying? 


Science (R) DCF Link

Branching Database Branch Database on an animal. What type of animal is it? Create the questions and put them in. 
Video to show how to do this. 


Wellbeing What have you learned during lockdown? 
What have you confident with? 
What have you struggled with? 
Think about whether you have become more confident learning by yourselves whilst at home, and consider how this will change your learning in school.