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Look back on your glossary task from last week, we learnt many new, topic specific words that we can use in our non-chronological report! 

Can you use the worksheet given to choose the words that you will include in your report/glossary? 

Don't forget these words are describing your beast!



Welcome to Fern Federation Café.

 Can you use the menu to add together some items and pick your own meal?

Don’t forget to use column addition and place value. 

Topic - Mini-beast 


Can you go on a mini-beast hunt! 

Tally how many you found in your garden or on a walk? 
 You will then have to create a graph out of your results!

Religious communities 


In different religions, they celebrate the birth of a child/welcoming a child into a religion in different ways. You are
going to look at baptism, aqiqah and the namkaran ceremonies. 
Watch the video to learn more about these ceremonies and the task ahead: