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Sound Recap: Go over the sounds m d g o c k

Practise forming these sounds, either on paper or as a sensory activity. Watch my video for a recap of our sound sayings,


Play sound bowling – using paper cups or something you have that can be knocked down, label them with each of the sounds. Call a sound out and your child has to roll a ball to knock the right cup over.


Still image for this video

2D Shapes - BBC Bitesize


Symmetrical butterflies – draw the outline of a simple butterfly on a piece of paper. Your child can then paint one side of the butterfly. Ask them what will happen if you fold the piece of paper over. Then fold the paper over, press down and open it again. What has happened? Is it now the same on both side(symmetrical)?


Sorting minibeasts activity

Ask your child to sort minibeasts by whether they have legs or no legs. There is a sheet you can print or on seesaw circle the ones that have legs. You could also draw two circles labelled legs/ no legs and draw some different minibeasts for your child to stick in each circle. You could also sort minibeasts that fly/don’t fly.


Go on a winter walk with your family