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Sound Recap: Go over the sounds s a t p i n

Practise forming these sounds, either on paper or as a sensory activity. Watch my video for a recap of our sound sayings,


Play sound snap – make your own snap cards with the 6 sounds on. Shout snap when you match a sound but you can only win the cards if you can say the sound.


Still image for this video



Counting Down | Counting Down from 10 | Countdown to Blastoff | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

Counting and Number Recogntion

Adult to write the day of the week, draw the correct number of fruits and then write 3 numbers underneath (See image below) e.g. 1 apple. Ask your child to count the number of fruits and then find the matching number and use a peg and clip onto the right number.


Repeat this activity throughout the week.


Fruit Skewers

Chose some different fruits, and with an adult make fruit skewers using a repeating pattern.


Talk about why we need to eat fruit and vegetables every day – why are they good for us?


Go on a walk with your family