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Wednesday 20th

Maths Wednesday 20th January

English - Wednesday 20th January


Jungle comprehension!

Here’s a quick-fire reading quiz about the explorers journey in the jungle.


Activity: Re-read the explorer’s jungle log,

 Have a go at answering the 9 questions about the jungle log.

Remember to answer the questions in full sentences

The activity sheets are below. 

Wednesday 20th January - Science

Geologist Alex Marshall explains the key facts about rocks and the different types which make up the rock cycle!

As well as the video above, our geologist has made a fantastic powerpoint presentation for you to look through! The presentation will help you understand even more about the Rock Cycle. At the end of the presentation the task is to classify 6 different rocks by what you have learned from the video and the powerpoint. 

If you cannot open the powerpoint - use the pdf version (also below).

If you are able to use the powerpoint version, the speaker icons throughout the presentation will allow you to listen to the information, rather than having to read it. 


Alex the Geologist Answers Your Questions!

Listen out for your name as Alex explains all of the answers to your questions!




Cosmic Kids Harry Potter Yoga

Wind down before going to sleep.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure