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Wednesday 13.1.21


Watch the video on you tube. Can you practise counting in 5s using your flashing five hands like we do in class?

Complete the worksheet.

There is a mixed tables sheet for you to have a go at too.



Follow the link below to play the games.


Choose some of the words you have been learning in your flashcards and write them into a 'super sentence'. Use the success criteria sheet to check your sentences.

Keep practising the digraph sounds ch, sh and th.

Use your sound button fingers to point to each sound as you say a word. 


Watch the video, 'There's a map on my lap'. 

Go for a walk with your family. Take pictures of what you see along the way. There's also an observation sheet you can take with you. See what you can tick off.

When you come back either sort the pictures into the right order or draw a map of the route that you took. Think about the colours you might use, for example all the roads may be red. 


There's a Map on My Lap: All About Maps (Read Aloud)

Welcome to our YouTube Channel for teachers, parents and kids! Today we read a book about maps. This book is part of "The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library" ...