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Wednesday 10th

English Wednesday 10th Feb


Finishing off a story can be a little tricky sometimes. You need to decide whether to end on a cliffhanger, make the reader want to have another story, or bring it to a complete close. The decision this time is entirely up to you. Use the video and the worksheet to write three alternative endings using all the skills you have learned over the past week and half. Then discuss your endings with an adult or sibling at home (you might want to do a video call with someone from your extended family or call a friend) to discuss the options, before deciding on one and adding it to your story. By now your story should be getting close to the 500 words limit. Keep checking back over it to make sure it makes sense. 

Maths Wednesday 10th February


Watch the video before attempting the worksheet. This is a recap of fractions from Year 3. Remember that a fraction is made up of two parts. The NUMERATOR and the DENOMINATOR. The numerator on the top is the number of parts you have got. The Denominator on the bottom is the number of parts the whole object has been split into. 


For example; if you have a fraction that is 1/2 you have one of the two parts which means you have a half. This is the same for ALL fractions. So if you have a fraction that is 3/8 you have three of the eight parts. 


MILD - Questions 1,2 and 3

MEDIUM - Questions 1,2,3,4 and 5

SPICY - Try the whole worksheet!


Forces - Friction (Gravity)


Rolling Experiment


Complete Write-Up or verbal explanation.

Video help to do this from Mr Wakeling


Let's go back to the experiment we did last week. The video is below again in case you missed the activity last week. Time the car rolling down the ramp and use Wednesday's maths video from last week to help you work out the average time it took to reach the bottom. 


Today we're completing our write up - There is a video to help you do this. If you normally pick MILD in class, write straight onto the sheet. However, if you normally pick MEDIUM or SPICY, you may find that there is not enough space on the sheet, so lined paper may be the way to go. Use the titles from the sheet but present your work in the way you think is most suitable. 


Science Help with The Write Up




Cosmic Kidz Yoga was so popular last week I thought I’d give you another to have a go at!


Join in with our adventure this week!



Valentine's Day Yoga For Kids!