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Wednesday 10th

Your tasks this week are designed with the return to school from the 15th in mind. Therefore, rather than beginning a new unit in English or Maths, I have made the decision to cover as much of the core information and techniques in these subjects, to make sure you're prepared for the two weeks we will have back together before the Easter break. 

Maths - Multiplication


Today we're looking at the various methods of multiplication you could use. You're all REALLY strong with your times tables and you can use those to answer a number of these questions today. 


If you are completing the support challenge today, make sure you look at the top right hand corner of the challenge cards, as they will give you a clue as to what times tables to work with. 


For the extend challenge, you could use either of the methods shown in the video. Today we're looking at multiplying by two digit numbers. 


For example; 4 x 42

This sum looks FAR too complicated to work out in your heads, but in fact, when we break it down into different parts and work through the question using the methods we're looking at today, it can become much simpler to calculate. 


If you want to built up your confidence with these questions, start by completing two questions from the support task, before moving onto the Mild Extend Task, and then having a go at the Medium/Spicy Extend Task. I don't expect you to complete ALL of the sheets, or every question from each sheet at all, as that would be too much for you to have a go at in one day. 


Remember - Please try to work on paper to show your methods and working out. 

English - Speech Verbs


Today we're looking at enhancing our vocabulary to make sure that when we write dialogue it's as interesting as it possible can be. 


Task: Can you think of other words that you can use instead of the word said when writing dialogue. Write different words you can think of around the bubble that could be used instead of said. One has been done for you.

Science Activity 2 - Branching Database

DCF Link Branching Database Branch Database on an animal. What type of animal is it? Create the questions and put them in. Log into hwb select jit 5 select branch Choose a background template Select animals or mini beasts Click into the grid the selection of animals or mini beasts Write their names and a description. Write your first question to sort the animals/mini beasts sort into the thumbs up or down Press ok Write another questions and sort again. Keep going until the branch is complete. Screen shot your branch and upload to seesaw or email your completed branch via hwb Video to show how to do this.


We've done this as a class before so once you've logged in you should remember how it works again. 

Help with Branching Database


Hot Air Balloon to lift you above your worries.


Use the sheet to fill out all of the great things that you know about yourself.


Think about how this can boost your confidence and help you when you come back into the classroom.