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Wednesday 10.2.21



Odds and evens

Look at the Powerpoint.

Write different numbers on paper or post it notes- you must only write one number per piece of paper.

Choose 2 hoops, 2 buckets or 2 bowls etc..

Sort them into odds and evens

Challenge- see if you can work wit large numbers 9 (2 digit numbers/3 digit numbers or even bigger).

Take a picture of your work and upload it on to Seesaw




Watch my video. 

Choose 5 words that have a different digraph and put these words into a super sentence.

Take the tricky word challenge.

Task- Complete the worksheet about your 'lovebot'.

Add in as much detail as possible.

How might you start your story?

Possible story starters could be:

Today I had a lovely surprise........

When I woke up this morning......




Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Follow the leader...

Task- Family walk


Take another walk with your family from Cefn Primary to Craig yr Hesg.

This time take a different route from Monday.

You will need a pen and paper on your walk to make notes of your route.

Use mathematical language (directions) that you learnt last week.

Do something helpful for someone in your house to make them happy. heart