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CVC Words: Write words; Van, jug, in, on, men, pen, leg, wet, fun, peg. An adult should call out the word, the child should sound it out and try writing it, support where necessary.

If you are confident with this see how many sentences you and write with these words in them. E.g. I went on a walk and had fun.



Watch the video and complete the worksheet

If you do not have a printer use seesaw and draw over the sheet interactively or write the answers on paper and take a photo and upload to seesaw.


Click here to watch the video  


From yesterday’s walk Can you write a list of what was good that you saw, what was bad that you saw. Finally make a what do we need to change.

(Fast cars, litter)

Well being

Make up a dance to your favourite song. Record it and sent it on seesaw.