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Tuesday 9th

English Tuesday 9th Feb


One of the most important skills in the toolbox of an author is being able to expand the imagination of a reader whilst they read your work. We have a habit of telling a reader everything we're imagining whilst writing a story, and therefore we give away too much information. Use the video and modelled examples to 'SHOW' Not tell your reader what you're imagining when you're writing your story. Go back to your competition entry and include this new skill in your writing. 

Maths Tuesday 9th February


Today we're looking at four sided shapes (polygons), which are called QUADRILATERALS. Watch the video before attempting the excercise sheet. In the video you are told which questions to answer depending on the level you normally pick when you're working in class. Good luck!



Map Skills


Use the google maps link below to access the world atlas. On the sheets there is a mild challenge, a medium challenge and a spicy challenge. It's down to you to select which one you go for. Type in the names of the volcanoes to find them on the map, before labelling them on your sheet in the correct locations. 

You may want to copy and paste pictures of the volcanoes you find too. 

Use the shapes of the land on the map to help you identify where in the world the volcanoes are, think about the cities that are nearby, and the seas that you can spot on your large map on the worksheet.



Research about a volcano of your choice and produce a report.




Write a letter to someone in the Welsh Government about what changes you want to see in the next government. We have an election in April.


Pick either the local MS or the Education Minister.


Vikki Howells


Kirsty Williams


Use the template attached if you would like me to check your email before you send it. You can use the instruction video for Friday's English to show you how to actually send off a real email.


It's so important that you are informed citizens of Wales. So what issues bother you? What would you like to see changed in your lives? Let your local politician know, because they could be the one who might be able to change things.