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Tuesday 9th

Your tasks this week are designed with the return to school from the 15th in mind. Therefore, rather than beginning a new unit in English or Maths, I have made the decision to cover as much of the core information and techniques in these subjects, to make sure you're prepared for the two weeks we will have back together before the Easter break. 


Maths - Tuesday 9th March

Functions - Subtraction (Taking Away, Minus)


You all did a fantastic job with using different methods to calculate the answers to addition problems yesterday. It's clear that you all prefer using tower sums to work out the answers to these types of problems, which is perfectly okay! 


Using the base-ten methods however, will help you to visualise in your minds, without having to write out a sum, in order to calculate it. 


Also, try to use number facts that you already know to help you answer questions faster. For example, you all know that 2+2=4, so you know that 20+20=40 and 200+200=400. You can use this differently too, for example with taking away;


You know that 7+3=10, so you know that 10-7=3, using your fact families understanding. 


Again today there is a support task and an extend task for you to try. There is also a video on methods you may want to use to calculate these problems attached to this task. 

Maths Tuesday 9th March

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Subtraction



Using commas in list


Re-write the sentences in the list using commas.


Remember to use the word and in-between the last two words in the list.


Can you complete your own sentences using commas in a list?

Commas In Lists - English Tuesday 9th

Science Week - Activity One

Food Chains


Think back to the animal that you wrote your non chronological report on last week. This week we’re going to look at the food chain for the creature that you chose.


Before you create your foodchain using the information, have a look at the BBC video here;


Now have a go at creating your own food chain in a woodland using this game;


Screen shot your food chains and send them over on SeeSaw


Look at the example for the blackbird on the task for you to use, and structured sheet to put your animals/plants into.  


Use the scientific terms 'producer' and 'consumer' in the task, and remember - the arrow means that energy is transferred to the animal being point at, or another way of putting it is the arrow means 'is eaten by'. 



Create a worry jar – write down top 5 worries about returning to school. You can use the template attached, or write them on actual paper before putting them in a real jar.


Seal up the lid and we’ll talk about them on the live call on Friday, and then revisit your worries at the end of the term.