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Tuesday 2nd

English - Tuesday 2nd March


Noun, who, which where sentences


In this activity we will be looking at who, which, where words used in a sentence.


Who – Refers to people and sometimes a pet or animal.


Which – Refers to an object/ animal or feeling.


Where – Refers to a particular place or a place where something happens.



Each sentence starts with a noun.

Use a comma to embed a clause – Give extra information using ‘Who’, ‘Which’ or ‘Where’


My pet dog,

who is called Oscar, loves to play with his toys.


Maths - Tuesday 2nd March




Calculating the place value of decimals. Tens, Ones and Tenths. For example 13.6 (Thirteen point six) One ten, three ones, 6 tenths.



Working with decimals to two decimal places.

Teaching video here;

Maths (Extend) Tuesday 2nd March

Maths (Support) Tuesday 2nd March

Topic - Tuesday 2nd March




Consider the importance of woodland to our ancestors and think about the uses of woodland to humans throughout history. Look into industry, habitation, employment opportunities, protection from predators/enemies and materials for development.


In today’s society, we use woodlands for exercise, and to escape into the great outdoors. Sometimes for wood too.


In the past, forests were planted and used for ALL SORTS of exciting reasons. Can you research what some of these uses were?


Present your findings in any way you chose.