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Maths Tuesday 9th March

Maths Tuesday 9th March

Using commas in list 
Re-write the sentences in the list using commas.  Remember to use the word and in-between the last two words in the list.  
Can you complete your own sentences using commas in a list?


Maths Practice Functions Subtraction 
Pick your level of task – complete the questions using ANY method you are comfortable with. Reflect on your ability to complete subtraction problems. What is the most tricky part of subtracting? 


(A) Food Chains Think back to the animal that you wrote your non chronological report on last week. This week we’re going to look at the food chain for the creature that you chose.  
Food chain information video. om/watch?v=7AZCcf4 Fv14 
Look at the example for the blackbird on the task for you to use, and structured sheet to put your animals/plants into.   
Use the scientific terms in the task. 



Create a worry jar – write down top 5 worries about returning to school. You can use the template attached, or write them on actual paper before putting them in a real jar.  
Seal up the lid and we’ll talk about them on the live call on Friday, and then revisit your worries at the end of the term.