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Literacy Video - Developing a character



Develop the characters.



Today you will develop the characters in your story.


Your story must have 2 characters, a main character that is a human and the other main character that is a dog.


Activity 1

Draw a picture on seesaw or upload a picture and use the pen tool or the T text box tool to write about the characteristics of your characters


Think about:

  • Giving your characters a name.
  • What do the characters look like? Hair, eyes, height, weight, facial expressions
  • What are the characters wearing?
  • What kind of character are they? Good/bad/funny/silly/mysterious/ mischievous/ clever?
  • Do they have a job?
  • How do they walk/ talk?
  • What do they have with them? Gadgets etc  


Activity 2




  • It is a way of describing something.
  • It is a way of comparing 2 things.
  • Helps the reader to visualise who you are writing about.


Write some similes that will help to describe and visualise the character.



His eyes were as blue as the sky.

He was as tall as a giraffe.  




Year 3

Change the repeated addition into a multiplication and find the answer


Year 4

Rounding to the nearest 10




The Great storm of 1987.


Watch the interview of Mrs Wakeling (Mr Wakeling’s Mam) speaking about the Great Storm of 1987.


Ask parents/grandparents about the storm.


Record your findings as a Radio Broadcast




Choice & Making Decisions

British Red Cross