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Name practice


Recap the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’


Discuss the story – what came out of the little egg? What made the caterpillar feel better? What did the caterpillar become at the end? When did the caterpillar get stomach ache?

How many plums did the caterpillar eat? Why did the caterpillar look for some food? What happened to the caterpillar at the end? Send me a video of you answering the questions.


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Repeating Patterns

Re-cap repeating patterns from last week. Have a go at copying and continuing repeating patterns made by someone you live with.


Make a repeating pattern caterpillar. You can do this by drawing some circles, then ask your child to pick two colours that they would like to use in their repeating pattern and colour the circles in. You or your child can then cut the circles out and then stick them together in a line to make a repeating pattern. Then draw on the eyes and mouth to finish your caterpillar.

You can adapt this and draw the caterpillar, use paints or playdough.

Repeating patterns

Still image for this video



Find some leaves outside or make some paper leaves. Your child can punch wholes in the leaves and then use string or ribbon to thread through the holes.


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