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Tuesday 23rd

English - Tuesday 23rd February

English - Tuesday 23rd February

Reading Comprehension


Read your chosen comprehension text from the choices below, before completing the questions. Try to write in full sentences to answer them where you can. If you're completing this exercise on SeeSaw you'll need to select the task level before you start. There is three levels of task - Mild, Medium and Spicy.


If you are finding the reading a little too challenging, in the video I read the support comprehension to you to help. 


If you want to challenge yourself, there is a further passage you can read, although there are no questions that go with this. You could write your own to test your family!

Maths (Extend) Tuesday 23rd February

Teaching Video - Calculating Fractions of Quantities

Maths - Tuesday 23rd February

Use the videos above to complete the maths worksheet for the extend task today. Remember it is your decision what level of task you complete for maths this week. Ms Brown helps with the support task video, and Mr Wakeling completes the extend task. 

Topic - Tuesday 23rd February


Research the different habitats that exist within a woodland, and the creatures that live in them.


Use the resource to help you with some ideas, but you can conduct your own research to add to it.


Create a map of a woodland using a key. The template is attached for you to use. You can make your own key using the Challenge sheet or use the one provided on the Support sheet. 


Discuss where appropriate habitats are for given animals based on provided characteristics/needs and previous own knowledge.


Wellbeing - Tuesday 23rd February

PSHE - Good to be Me


Learning Objective Today

I can tell you what feeling surprised is like. I can tell you whether I like surprises or like things to stay the same.

Respond on SeeSaw using the recording tool to submit either a video or audio clip.