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Now for some grammar Before you write your log, let’s practise some sentences that will help you to write like an explorer. More detail please

You can add detail to your sentences by using the simple joining words and or but.


For example:

 1. I trudged through the dense forest and collected samples of the plant life.

2. I tried to catch a fish but they were too fast for me.

Create sentences about your jungle and add detail using

and or but.




Telling the time using am and pm



History – Investigate the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius


Tell the story of Pompeii from the viewpoint of a survivor.


Watch the video of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.


Luckily we don’t have volcanoes in Wales, but for today’s topic work I’d like you to write a Newspaper article using what we learned when we watched ‘Taken’ with the aliens trying to abduct the man from his bed, all about the eruption of Vesuvius.


Use the success criteria to check your work


Adults at home – Some of the videos on youtube which may be suggested after this clip are less child friendly due to their content. Please watch them beforehand if your child wants to watch more.




Who Can Get the ‘Highest’ Photo?


We’re lucky that we live in such a beautiful part of the world. My challenge for you today is to go out with adults at home and CLIMB. Who can take the highest photo? You may want to climb a tree (be careful), a hill, a mountain, a bridge, it’s all up to you! Just make sure the picture of you looks SUPER HIGH!


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