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Which synonym?

Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings.


Activity: Research using a dictionary or the internet the meaning of the list of words on the worksheet. 


Match the correct synonyms to the list of target words in the table.


Activity 2: Create a list of your own words. Try to find the synonym of that word.


Challenge: An antonym is a word that has the complete opposite meaning to another word.


Complete the table. Take the word in the middle of the table find a correct synonym (word with a similar meaning) and an antonym (a word with the opposite meaning)


Telling the time

Quarter past and quarter to

Practice reading the time and drawing the correct times on an analogue clock.

Watch the video below to help you to recap on quarter to and quarter past

Whole Hour, Half Past, Quarter Past And Quarter To | Maths For Grade 2 | Periwinkle - YouTube

Complete the activities by practicing reading and writing the correct quarter to and quarter past times on the clocks.

Teaching Clock (

Match the Times - 5-11 year olds - Topmarks

Telling the Time in Words - Mathsframe

Please use the links to visit the top marks website to play games about the time.


Flooding – Video


Mr Wakeling at Nant Cwm Parc – Getting very very wet!


Label the features of a river course.


Give reasons why a river may flood or burst it’s banks.




Nature Focus!