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Tuesday 12th

Tuesday English 12th Jan

Tuesday Maths 12 Jan

Tuesday Maths Challenge!


When you return to school our new topic will be called ‘Disaster zone’. What do you think the topic will be about? What would you like to find out about this new topic? Create a list of questions on seesaw that we could research throughout the topic and find out the answers too.


Our main focus of the topic ‘Disaster zone’ and as part of our writing journey we will be focusing on ‘volcanoes’.

The writing journey will involve an explanation text and you will need facts about volcanoes. To get a head start can you research volcanos.


Think about these questions to help your research

  • What is an earthquake?
  • How does an earthquake happen?
  • How many earthquakes happen each year in the world?
  • Can you name some of the biggest earthquakes ever?
  • What is a 'fault line'?
  • What was the world's most dangerous earthquake?
  • What other disasters happen on plate boundaries?
  • What happens if an earthquake happens under the sea?




Let’s take a break!

Make sure you take a break between activities. Share break time with someone in your house and take time to have a cup of tea and biscuit and have a chat.


Switch off your technology 2 hours before bed time. Go to bed an hour earlier than normal.

All about volcanos