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Topics 21/22

Spring 1 - 'Frozen Kingdom'

This knowledge-rich project teaches children about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them.

In this project the children will learn about:

  • Exploring different regions
  • About animals and their habitats
  • About geographical areas
  • About the meaning of longitude and latitude 
  • About exploration and investigation 




Autumn 1 - 'Time Warp'

This topic has a history focus and teaches children about the Second World War including an understanding of the reasons for war, the impact on the everyday lives of people including children and about significant individuals of the period. Children will also learn about the significance of the Swansea/London Blitz and the social and human impact of it.

In this project the children will learn:

  • About the political, social and economic reasons which contributed to WW2
  • About the chronology of events between 1939-1945 
  • About the impact of the war on the everyday lives of ordinary people in Wales
  • About the Swansea Blitz of February 1941
  • About significant people of the time who played an important role in the Welsh war effort
  •  About the key aspects of narrative story writing, including flashback
  • About how to use a range of sources to find information.