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Castles and Princes

The Age for the Princes  1063-1282


The Middle Ages in Britain cover a huge period. They take us from the shock of the Norman Conquest, which began in 1066, to the devasting Black Death of 1348, the Hundred Years' War with France and the War of the Roses, which finally ended in 1485.






Wales during 1063

Wales during 1063 1

The Normans

The king of England, Edward Confessor died in 1066. Harold Godwinson became king. But...William from Normandy, France believed that he should be king. William claimed that Harold had promised him that he would be the next king of England. William crossed the English channel to challenge Harold. There was a large battle at Hastings, and Harold was killed. William became the new king - and was known as William the Conqueror. After conquering England, William turned his attention to Wales. He appointed three Norman Lords to control the Welsh. By 1073 the Normans had invaded many areas in Wales. But... the Welsh began to fight back, led by their princes.

A Day In The Life... Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times - Hands on History - BBC

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