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Hydref 2/Autumn 2:

Step Into Christmas!

We are enterprising, creative contributors who connect and apply our knowledge and skills to create ideas and products!

AOLE ALERT!! This half term's excitement is going to be a dip into the new Expressive Arts Area of Learning, where we will be creating our own Christmas Play!


During the topic, we will be making lots of decisions as a class as we analyse results of parent surveys and our own ideas about the types of music we can include in our play. We'll be learning a variety of songs in Welsh, English and British Sign Language, as well as writing our own song as a class. We'll be creating musical effects, props and learning how to incorporate Green Screen technology into our play too.


Throughout the play, our mission is to celebrate the diversity of how Christmas can look like in each of our homes, and to establish true Christmas values by investigating the First Christmas.


We look forward to sharing our finished play, as well as showing you our journey towards our product using Adobe Spark.


In addition to this awesomeness...we will be looking at Anti-Bullying in PSHE, Diwali and Christmas in RE, as well as using the "Oes" pattern in Welsh.

Hydref 1/Autumn 1:

Going Greek!

We are ambitious, capable learners who use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information.

During the topic we will:

  • Discover who the Ancient Greek Gods/Goddesses were, what they were responsible for, and some of their powerful characteristics.
  • Create Kennings about Zeus and Hera.
  • Identify with our favourtite  Greek Gods/Goddesses and justify why.
  • Investigate Ancient Greek symbols.
  • Organise the Ancient Greek timeline and question what would be different today if some of the events didn't happen.
  • Create our own Greek Gods/Goddess for our own Mount Olympus Unites Day - having opportunities to listen to Greek music, try Greek dancing and creating Greek pottery and headbands.


On top of all this awesomeness...we'll also be looking at New Beginnings, Life's Big Questions, as well as about ourselves and friends in Welsh!