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Language (Writing)


‘When the Earth Moved’  

Short Story Writing 



X 10 and 100


When you multiply a number by 10 or 100, it becomes 10 or 100 times greater and you add a zero as a placeholder. The digits then move one place to the left. For example, when 34 is multiplied by 10, the three tens will become three hundreds and the four ones 340 will become four tens. You add a 0 to the end of the number when x10 or two 0’s for x100



7 x10 = 70

            7 x 100 = 700      



Nature Art

Go into your garden or a local park and collect some natural treasures: - things like leaves, sticks, petals, shells, stones and so on. Use your treasures to create a piece of art. - It could be flat like a picture or more like a sculpture - you can choose. - A couple of ideas are attached, but you can make something very different to those if you want to. Take a picture or a video of your artwork. Upload to Seesaw with a sentence or two about your art.



Mount Vesuvius by Andy Warhol.



Showing Vesuvius erupting in a violent and dramatic explosion, Warhol saw Vesuvius for its fiery energy of past.  Andy Warhol left his beloved photographic pictures to experiment something different for the first time in 1985, when he created the series ‘Vesuvius by Warhol’, 18 paintings that the artist dedicated to the Italian volcano.



Can you create a picture of a volcano in the style of Andy Warhol?



Make a healthy home-made pizza

Could you create a set of instructions or create a short video of instructions on how to make the healthy pizza? Share your instructions or videos on seesaw. Look out on seesaw and DoJo for what Mrs Brown is making at home.

Success Criteria for a short story