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Thursday 28th

Maths - Thursday 28th January


Explain a bit more, please

  Now try practising some sentences that will help you explain what you were doing, using because to enable you to explain.

For example:

Finally, I headed back to camp because it was getting late.


Take sentences from your ideas above but try adding because to explain why you did something.


Start your sentence with a fronted adverbial again. Remember, you can spin your sentence round and start with because, as well. For example: 1. First, I set out early because the jungle was far away.


2. Because the jungle was far away, the first thing I did was set out early.


 3. After that, I packed my camera because I wanted to photograph the flowers.



Make a word drawing for a Tornado. Use the template attached or draw your own tornado, before placing words in the drawing which mean the same or are associated with tornadoes. You could even make the actual tornado out of words that describe it so you've got a written image!

Welsh – Salwch

Practice the sentence patterns using the Video

Beth sy'n bod?

Thursday Classroom Kitchen


The Classroom Kitchen!


We’ve done Pizza, we’ve done cookies. Now it’s time to Give a main meal a go! Watch the video, and see if you can cook a lovely curry for your family!


You will need;

An Onion

A Pepper (any colour)

Some Meat (Or Sweet potato if you don’t eat meat)

Curry spices & chopped tomatoes or a jar of curry sauce.

Some Rice


And finally, some serious cooking skill!

Remember to always ask for permission before cooking at home, and I recommend adults keep a keen eye when you're using dangerous equipment like stoves and knives.


Watch the video for instructions!