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Writing questions and using a question mark. 
Task: Look carefully at the sentences. They are all answers to questions.  
Write out a question you would ask to get these answers. Remember to use a question mark at the end of each one.  
Task 2: Write a list of your own questions and remember to use a question mark at the end.


Maths Practice Functions Division 
Pick your level of task – complete the questions using ANY method you 
are comfortable with. Reflect on your ability to complete division problems. What is the most tricky part of dividing? 


Science (R) Data Handling (Maths LNF Link)

Vertebrates Invertebrates Venn Diagram 
Create a list of questions based on the venn diagram for another person.  



Hot Air Balloon to lift you above your worries. 
Use the sheet to fill out all of the great things that you know about yourself.  
Think about how this can boost your confidence and help you when you come back into the classroom.