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Describing your beast. 
You will need to use the beast you created yesterday for this - so if you have not done it, design your beast first. 

Now that you have created your beast can you describe it?  

Don’t forget to describe its different features and personality. And why they may look and act the way they do, are they a predator or prey? Do they fly or dig?

Consider these questions:

- What does my creature look like?
- What is my creatures personality?
- Does my creative have any special powers? 
- What type of habitat does my creature live in?


Spelling of the Day

Today's spelling of the day is..


Can you write the word wives in graffiti handwriting?

Challenge: Can you use the word wives in your work today?


Cooking Club

During this week's cooking club, we will be making delicious Welsh Cakes. You will need:

- Self raising flour (225g)

- Pinch of salt 

- Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

- Unsalted butter (100g)

- Caster sugar (20g)

- 30g of sultanas/currents/raisins or chocolate chips 

- 1tbsp of milk 

- 1 large egg