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February 4, 2021



Iyla is learning how to take away from 10 in school. She is having some trouble so Mrs Brown has been thinking of different games and ways I could help her.


Could you think of a game to help me to teach Iyla how to take away from 10. 

* Explain the rules of the game.

* What will I need or need to make?

* How will I teach Iyla how to take away as part of the game? 


This week is children's mental health week!




Have go at the activity Mrs Brown is explaining in the video above. 

* Draw a squiggle on a piece of paper. 

* Keep drawing them for about 30seconds. 

* Now look at your squiggle and see how could you turn your squiggle into a drawing of something else. 


Post a picture of your drawing on the template on seesaw or attach to DOJO and send me a picture 


Have fun!

February 4, 2021



Developing a setting






Today you will think about a setting where the story may happen.

The characters above are Tintin and Snowy. These two companions are characters from a range of stories. The characters travel all over the world on adventures and solving mysteries and getting into a lot of problems.


In one story the world’s most famous travelling reporter heads for America. There are gangsters, Cowboys, Indians and the Big Apple await Tintin. He soon finds himself in terrible danger – but with his companion Snowy to help him, he faces it head on…


Think about where your characters may go on an adventure.


  • Where would they go in the world?
  • Is it real or imaginary?
  • How would you get there?
  • What would you see around you?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Is there a famous place you could use in your story?
  • What kind of people may they meet?


Upload a picture of a place on seesaw that your character may travel to. Research the place using the internet and answer the questions above. Label around the picture the different information about the place to use in your story.


Activity 2


Use the ABC grid to think of different adjectives that you may use to describe the setting using each letter of the alphabet. You can write more than 1 word in each box. These words will help you to write a description of your setting. Remember adjectives are describing words.




Year 3

The 4 compass points

Following directions


Year 4

The 8 compass points following directions



Make your own Cyclone


You will need a plastic bottle which won’t leak. A couple of drops of washing up liquid and some glitter (sand or grains of rice will work too).





Create a mini-disaster scene using natural materials. You could make the earth look like it’s cracked apart because of an earthquake, or flood an area. Use a camera up close to see how real you can make the scene appear.