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Thursday 25th

English - Thursday 24th February

Sorting Information into subheadings.


Today we're making sure we can classify information we gather into the correct subheadings. Subheadings are an important part of Non Chronological Report Factsheets because they split up the text and help the reader understand more quickly. They can also use the subheadings to search through the text quickly to find out information they may be looking for. 


Your task today is to use colour-coding to classify the information on the sheet of your choice under the different subheadings on the right hand side. 


English - Thursday 25th February

Maths (Extend) - Thursday 24th February

Calculating area of rectangles and squares using known times tables facts.

We're going back to looking at area, but instead of looking at counting the squares like we've done before, we're using our understanding of times tables to work out the area of rectangles and squares. Watch the support video below to help you work out the answers on the worksheet. 

Teaching video - Calculating Areas of Rectangles and Squares

Creative - Thursday 24th February



So often we collect pictures to remember a place or experience. Today I’d like you to collect sound clips of a woodland. Try to be as quiet as possible to collect the sounds of rustling leaves, footprints across the leaves, cracking twigs, birdcalls, anything you can hear!


Compile them together using SeeSaw, by pressing record and then pause, or use an adult's mobile phone to help you record the sounds, before uploading them to SeeSaw. 


There are THREE HOURS of Forest Sounds in the video attached for you to have a listen to. What distinct sounds can you hear? Do you find the sounds relaxing?

Forest Sounds | Woodland Ambience

Wellbeing - Thursday 24th February


Tree Hugging!

Whilst you are out in the forest try and find the biggest tree you can, one that you can’t get your hands around! Take a photo of you hugging your tree!