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Thursday 21st

Maths Thursday 19th January

Medium & Spicy Maths Help

English for Thursday 21st January


10 things in an explorer’s rucksack!

 Read the poem the explorer wrote when he got back from exploring Atlanti.


It is a list poem and it is all the magical things he would like to find in his rucksack upon his return.


Plan to write a list poem

Activity: Use the planner to help you sort your ideas for writing your own list poem.


Think about some of the tips below:


Try to make your items sound exciting by using alliteration – where words start with the same sound e.g. sizzling sun, lazy lion, towering trees


Use precise, powerful verbs that show things in a more exciting way e.g. scorching, splashing, glittering


Choose unusual things to add to your bag. Be as inventive as you can e.g. a hat made of stars, boots made of spider webs


Exaggerate things. Make them: the biggest, the tallest, the sweetest, the fastest

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

My video won't upload I'm afraid Dosbarth Dyfi, so you'll have to use this one instead! They look a lot nicer than mine anyway!

Wellbeing - How to make a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Get an adult at home to help you with this one! Sharp knives involved!

Welsh for Thursday 21st January

We're looking at 'Salwch' which means 'Health!'


We're starting with the sentence 'Beth sy'n bod?" which means 'What's Wrong?"


Using the flashcards attached, revise your Welsh names for body parts, before labelling the diagram of the girl with all the body parts you can remember!