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Explain a bit more, please

  Now try practising some sentences that will help you explain what you were doing, using because to enable you to explain.

For example:

Finally, I headed back to camp because it was getting late.


Take sentences from your ideas above but try adding because to explain why you did something.


Start your sentence with a fronted adverbial again. Remember, you can spin your sentence round and start with because, as well. For example: 1. First, I set out early because the jungle was far away.


2. Because the jungle was far away, the first thing I did was set out early.


 3. After that, I packed my camera because I wanted to photograph the flowers




Recording the events in the day, the start time and finishing time.

Find out how long each activity took you




Make a word drawing for a Tornado. Use the template attached or draw your own tornado, before placing words in the drawing which mean the same or are associated with tornadoes. 



Welsh – Salwch

Practice the sentence patterns using the Video



The Classroom Kitchen!


We’ve done Pizza, we’ve done cookies. Now it’s time to Give a main meal a go! Watch the video, and see if you can cook a lovely curry for your family!


You will need;

An Onion

A Pepper (any colour)

Some Meat (Or Sweet potato if you don’t eat meat)

Curry spices & chopped tomatoes or a jar of curry sauce.

Some Rice


And finally, some serious cooking skill!

Watch the video for instructions!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video