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10 things in an explorer’s rucksack!


 Read the poem the explorer wrote when he got back from exploring Atlanti.


It is a list poem and it is all the magical things he would like to find in his rucksack upon his return.


Plan to write a list poem


Activity: Use the planner to help you sort your ideas for writing your own list poem.


Think about some of the tips below:


Try to make your items sound exciting by using alliteration – where words start with the same sound e.g. sizzling sun, lazy lion, towering trees


Use precise, powerful verbs that show things in a more exciting way e.g. scorching, splashing, glittering


Choose unusual things to add to your bag. Be as inventive as you can e.g. a hat made of stars, boots made of spider webs


Exaggerate things. Make them: the biggest, the tallest, the sweetest, the fastest



Hours in a day


Today you will be looking at the hours in a day.

                                    Complete the activities on seesaw or on the fern federation website.


Build a bird feeder!


Use an old plastic bottle and some sticks to make a tabletop bird feeder and keep those hungry mouths chirping all winter long!.



Video with Mr Wakeling.







Body Parts Flashcards


Beth sy’n bod?

Mae ______ tost gyda fi.


Oracy practice.


                                                     Copy from the video with Mr Wakeling and test adults at home/siblings.