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Thursday 11th

Your tasks this week are designed with the return to school from the 15th in mind. Therefore, rather than beginning a new unit in English or Maths, I have made the decision to cover as much of the core information and techniques in these subjects, to make sure you're prepared for the two weeks we will have back together before the Easter break. 

Maths - Division Functions


Today we're continuing our work on the core functions in maths, and finishing with division. Dividing, or sharing equally is usually considered one of the more complicated functions, but really, it shouldn't be, and as long as you remember the two rules you'll be absolutely fine!


The two rules are;


  1. We always share out equally, so that each person or thing has the same number at the end. 
  2. The sum can be checked by multiplying the answer by the number of people. 


For example, in the division problem 12 divided by 3, 12 items are divided between 3 people, giving them four each, we can check this by doing 3 x 4 which gives us 12 again! Fact families again!


Today, for the support task you'll need bowls/mugs/plates and some dried pasta or something else you've got a lot of.


For the extend task, have a look at the video, I run through the two methods you may come across. The worksheet today is all done using BASE 10 method, but you may find the bus stop method easier. Try both to see how you get on with them!



Maths Thursday 11th March

White Rose Maths Extra Help for Extend Maths

Wellbeing - What Have you Learned During Lockdown?

What have you learned during lockdown?


What have you confident with?


What have you struggled with?


Think about whether you have become more confident learning by yourselves whilst at home, and consider how this will change your learning in school.


Self Reflection Sheet – Lockdown 2021.