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Stay at Home Sports Day - 26th June 2020

Stay At Home Sports Day 2020

Just a small snippet of the fun we had on our first ever Stay at Home Sports Day!

Chadley's Sports Day

Check out this epic video Chadley made with his family :)

In conjunction with the Youth Sports Trust's National School Sports Week, we will be holding a very unique Stay at Home Sports Day on Friday 26th June!


While it may not be like a usual sports day, we still will be competing for the Sports Day Cup, having lots of fun, developing resilience to improve our performance...and actively encouraging the grown ups to have a go too!


So how will it all work?


  • All families will have access to the list of activities on this page.
  • For every activity completed, we ask that you take a photo and send it with your child's name and teacher to (if you are happy for us to use the photo on our website/Twitter, please do let us know in your email).
  • Each activity tried will earn your child's house a point (we've got a copy of what house your child is in so please don't worry if you are not sure).
  • There are bonus points if a grown up in the family has a go!



The main priority is to have as much fun as possible!!

Keepie Uppie

Rubbish Bin Basket Ball

Stay at Home Sports Day Ball Applause

Stay at Home Sports Day Hop, Skip and Jump

Sphere and Spoon

Sprinting Spot

Speed Sit Up Challenge

Water Race

Speed Bounce

Golf Target Challenge

Flamingo Balance