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Wriggle and crawl


This term, we’ll head to a woodland to identify mini-beasts in their natural habitat. We’ll  draw maps of our mini-beast hunting area and create mini-beast stories and poems. Heading out into the local area, we’ll explore trees and bushes to see what lives there, investigate how far and how fast a snail can travel and create a mini-beast habitat and feeder of our own. We’ll read stories about minibeasts and sketch mini-beasts of our own, make models from a variety of materials and use microscopes to observe mini-beasts up close. We will create fact files of our mini beasts and create leaflets to sell our feeders. 


As Writers, we be learning how to write lists, leaflets, fact files and reviews. As Readers, we will be enjoying fiction and non-fictions books based around minibeasts. As Geographers, we will plotting routes and using their map skills to create routes for others. As Design Technologists, creating and making models of mini beasts and designing and making feeders.  As Artists, we will exploring our sketching skills and creating floral collages and completing observational drawings.




Basic skills- Communication (Reading, writing, speaking and listening, ICT) Mathematics

We will become effective communicators by using a range of techniques, forms and media to convey information and ideas creatively and appropriately.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

We will seek every opportunity to develop our ability and willingness to follow our school values: Show integrity, be aspirational, be empathetic, be creative, be respectful and be responsible.


Throughout our topic, we will have the opportunity to explore and develop moral concepts and values. We will develop a sense of empathy and appreciation with others’ lives, have time to reflect on shared experiences and compare to their own lives. We will encourage making responsible and reasoned choices and share views and opinions confidently and respectfully with each other.