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Your child will take part in  spelling test/games once a week, and will receive spellings on a Friday after a spelling input has taken place in school that day. Daily then they will complete a "look, cover , write , check activity to practice his spelling rule and also during guided reading they will complete a spelling activity also to allow them to practice this. If you cold also encourage your child to practice these at home it would be much appreciated. We will complete the test using some different structures that make the spelling fun rather than giving them a score out of 10 which some may find stressful. We will be suing games like Fan N Pick, Showdown and Quiz Quiz Trade. Ask you child to tell you about these structures for engagement.





Below are a list of word the children should be able to read a spell these words by the end of each year group. Your child might need practise on the year 1 and 2 words even if they are in Year 4 or 5.


Please go through these with your child and practise the ones they are unsure of from any of the year groups. 



You could do this by putting them on small cards and practising them as flash cards, the ones they can read put to one side with a tick on them,  the ones they cant put in the pile that will need to be practised. Once you have 10 words they cant read stop with your cards your making from the list. Practise these 10 cards every day, mix them in with the cards they can read, once they read the 3 times correctly in a row you can tick them and then add new words on the list to replace them. When they are reading the words, they should be able to read them confidently, by recognising them at sight not but sounding them out. If they need to split the word and sound it out add it to the pile of words they know. Until they can do this it needs to stay in the pile of words they dont know. 



Once you have worked your way through the cards and worked out which they can read, next work through the spelling. Make a note of the ones they couldn't spell and then use this list to practise these spellings with your child. I would have no more than 10 words at a time your working on from the list. You might want anything from 2- 10 new words a week depending on your child's ability level. Do the same as with he reading words, when they have spelt it correctly 2/3 times it can go on the list of words they can spell. Replace the word with a new one from the list. 


Revising the words your child can already read or spell

With the spelling words they will need to be able to read them confidently first before you expect them to learn to spell them. Also with the reading and spelling words they know and have read or spelt correctly , make sure you revisit them occasionally to ensure they can still read and spell them this will help to revise them and some of the words might need to go back into the pile or list they are learning if they have forgot to read or spell them. 



There are some games pupils can play to practice their spelling, please click the links below.

Videos to help your spelling

Click the links below to watch some short videos explaining some of the spelling rules we have worked on in class.


To be updated once spelling sessions have been completed in school 

How To use J2 Blast to Practise your child's Spellings

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Practising spellings every week using J2 Blast on HWB


Each week your child's spelling words will be placed onto J2Blast on the shared lists. See a video below for how to use log into and use J2 Blast.