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Craig Yr Hesg Primary School

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Our day follows a similar structure each day, although some of the subjects may change throughout the week. We have a visual timetable on the board to help us know what comes next in our school day.


From September 2021, there will be no staggered times for different year groups as in the previous accademic year.


8:55AM - Start of the school day (wash hands, registers, Helpwr Heddiw etc.).


9:25-10:25AM - Lots of Maths fun!


10:25-10:30AM - Washing of hands.


10:30-10:45AM - Break/Snack Time.


10:45-11AM - Class Assembly.


11-12:00PM - Lots of Literacy fun!


12-12:25PM - Skill Builders (phonics/reading/spelling).


12:25-12:30PM - Washing of hands.


12:30-1PM - Lunch in the class.


1-1:15PM - Play outside (weather permitting).


1:15-2:50PM - Register and Afternoon Learning (Topic/RE/Music/PE/ICT/Art/DT/Science).


2:50-3:05PM - The Mwydyn Mash Up! (Story/circle time etc.)


3:05PM - End of the School Day.

Important Days of the Week

Wednesday - Homework and Reading Files to be handed in.


Friday - Homework and Reading Files sent home.




Once timetables have been confirmed for September, we'll let you know about PE days.