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Craig Yr Hesg Primary School

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Due to COVID-19 timings throughout the day will be a little bit different in our class for the time being..

As you are aware, there will now be staggered and start times throughout the school. Therefore, siblings may start and finish school at different times. 

Here is the routine that we follow:


8:50-9:15 - Registration/Look Write Cover Check/Morning Activity and Helpwr Heddiw


9:15-9:25 - Mental Maths


9:25-10:20 - Maths Session 


10:20-10:30 - Assembly 


10:30-10:45- Break Time


11:00-12:00 - Literacy Session 


12:00-12:30 - Guided Reading Carousel (Handwriting/Spelling/Guided Reading/Comprehension)


12:30-1:30 - Dinner Time 


1:30 - 2:15 - Afternoon Session (Topic/Science/RE/ICT/PE/PSE)


2:15 -3:10 - Afternoon Session (Topic/Science/RE/ICT/PE/PSE)


3:10 - Home Time