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Your child may be a free reader. This means they have completed the reading SOW and they can select their own books, from the school library or from their books at home. This does not mean they will not be reading. They will be participating in Guided reading once a week with myself. Also during many sessions throughout the day we will aim to use and refine their reading skills whilst completing lessons across a range of different subjects. 


Your child may be reading the school reading scheme but will not be listened to every week one 1:1 with  the class teacher. They will have a school reading book, that they can read alone, or with yourselves. They will need to then write in their reading record any comments about the book. These may include:

  • What their favorite part was.
  • Who is their favorite character.
  • Discuss if they enjoyed it and why.
  • Suggest how it could be improved.

They will then give it a start rating in their record  and if possible , you can complete the top part of the record and fill in the date it was completed and I will have a discussion with your child and ensure they have another book to practice at home. They will also take part in Guided reading at least once a week along with other reading activities throughout each day. 


Lastly you child may read with myself at least once a week, where we will read 1:1 and work on fluency and expression whilst responding to higher order questions (which allow pupils to be more creative with their responses) They will then also take part the Guided Reading once a week. 


No matter how well your child can read you can listen to them as little or often as you would like to. Some questions you may ask about the text to encourage higher order thinking are......

Higher Order Thinking Questions To Use After Reading

  • What reason is there for the character to….?
  • What was the motive behind…?
  • What do you suppose the character was thinking when…?
  • Predict what the character will do next.
  • Can you predict what the outcome would be if…?
  • Why did the character feel…?
  • Analyze how the character’s feelings changed in the story.
  • How would you feel if…? What is the relationship between these two characters?
  • How would you compare these two characters?
  • What was the turning point in this story?
  • What would happen if…?
  • What is a different way to solve the problem?
  • How would you have solved the problem?



What questions do I ask my child during and after reading with them?

Epic Books For Kids

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Epic At Home

You will be given a class code when you have this you will need to download the Epic App on Android or Ios or you can use a laptop any go to Watch the help video below to show you how to use Epic. 

Games to develop Your Childs Reading Skills