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Previous Topics 2020-2021

Summer 2: Marvellous Me

We are healthy, confident learners who are building our mental and emotional well-being by developing confidence, resilience and empathy.

As a Fern Federation, we are going to be exploring and experimenting with a new Area of Learning called "Health and Wellbeing".


Dosbarth Rhymney and Narnia Class from Cefn Primary have been asked to consider a first aid pack for families should we ever enter Lockdown again.


During this exciting time, we will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect upon our Universal Rights, and which are the hardest to sustain during a Lockdown.
  • Plan and create solutions of how to maintain our rights in our "First Aid" Lockdown website.
  • Analyse data from questionnaires with pupils and parents across the Federation.
  • Exchange emails across the Fern Federation.
  • Research different organisations and charities who are there to support us.
  • Investigate the impact of diet and drinks upon our teeth.
  • Use Adobe Spark to present our information and key ideas.
  • Apply our direction skills to create fun walks around Glyncoch.
  • Further develop our understanding of our emotions and consider how we can help others when they feel different feelings.
  • Produce and evaluate our final products.

Additionally we'll be continuing our exploration into Hinduism in RE, as well as continuing our Forest School adventures with Mr Quinn, and revising all our patterns in Welsh.

Summer 1: New Visions

We are ambitious, capable learners who use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information.


As we start to return to some normality after our recent lockdown, we'll be reflecting upon change and development in our locality in our new topic.


Throughout the topic we'll have opportunity to:

  • Explore Pontypridd's rich historical past as well as compare against future goals.
  • Observe some of landmarks by experimenting with photos as well as by hand, using techniques by Rhiannon Art.
  • Create a new resource for future learners about our town.
  • Collaborate with our friends to present our findings using Adobe Spark.
  • Continue to be passionate about developing our outdoor area as well as looking after our natural environment, educating others on the importance of caring for the environment.

Additionally we'll be exploring loss in our Relationships PSHE module, having our first experience of Hinduism in RE, as well as starting Forest Schools and learning about pets in Welsh.

Autumn 1: Time Travellers


We are ethical, informed citizens who are knowledgeable about our culture, community, society and the world, both now and in the past.


As recently we have been epic history makers ourselves through the COVID 19 pandemic, we'll be looking back into the past at previous historical giants...from our grandparents to Queen Victoria!


We'll be conducting historical investigations into how they lived...from their houses to holidays, from school to how they shopped...having lots of fun along way!


Throughout the topic, we'll also be:

  • Reinforcing our mathematical knowledge as we order timelines and calculate year gaps.
  • Communicating our findings using our computer skills by planning, producing and evaluating our work.
  • Writing incredible recounts, playscripts and poetry about the past as informed historians.
  • Exploring forces and how the Victorians got things working.


On top of all this awesomeness...we'll also be looking at New Beginnings, Rules and Responsibilities, as well as about ourselves and friends in Welsh!