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Previous Topics 2019-2020

Spring Topic - Quarry


As part of our drive to make us active and global citizens, we will be looking at the recent developments with Craig Yr Hesg Quarry. 


During this topic, we will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions about local environment issues.
  • Share our voice about our future in Glyncoch.
  • Create questionnaires and analyse the data.
  • Write persuasive letters and create websites.
  • Investigate the local area and the impact humans can have upon it.
  • Research about how we can use materials to create objects.
  • Reflect upon different types of pollution.
  • Consider alternatives to a given problem.



The Pontypridd High Cluster of Primary Schools are working together with Pontypridd High School to promote Modern Foreign Language learning (MFL) amongst pupils.


Therefore this year we will be visited by a staff member from Pontypridd High who will give us a taste of Spanish language learning, whilst we embrace Spanish culture, history and art.

During this project, we will:

  • Research using a variety of methods and present information linked to our enquiries.
  • Collect data to compare and contrast Spain and Wales.
  • Observe and experiment with traditional Flamenco moves to create a dance for a piece of music created by ourselves.
  • Discover and explore the work of Gaudi.
  • Investigate the forces that surround travelling by boat and plane.
  • Invent a electronical device to provide light.
  • Learn features of Spanish traditions to inspire our own creative writing.