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Pattrwm yr Wythnos

Pattrwm Yr Wythnos - Pattern of the Week



At Craig Yr Hesg we recognise the importance of celebrating the welsh language. We have daily Helpu Heddiw sessions where we play lots of different welsh games, read books, practice Welsh we have learnt previously, learn Welsh songs. We also have a designated Welsh lesson EVERY week to allow your child to develop their love of Welsh.


Every week we will have a new language pattern that we are trying to use. I will update our Pattern every week so you can practice at home with your child and learn Welsh with us. Also i will leave previous patterns up also if you would like to keep revising them. 


Pattrwm Yr Wythnos

Wyt ti'n eisiau mynd i'r....... Would you like to go to......?

Ydw dw i'n eisiau mynd i'r....... achos mae'n I would like togo to the ...... because it's .......



Previous Patterns

Spring  Term



Gyda pwy wyt ti'n eisiau mynd?  Who do you want to go with?

Dw i'n eisiau mynd gyda teleu? I would like to go with my friend.


Ble wyt ti'n eisiau mynd? Where do you want to go?

Dw i'n eisiau mynd i'r............? I would like to go to........

Dw i ddim eisiau mynd i'r............? I would not like to go to........