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Parents Meetings (AFA)


In addition to Café Cymraeg, Class Dojo and informal chats through the year, we hold more formal meetings with parents called “AFA”, which stands for Achievement For All.


Towards the start of the year, we will meet to jointly create 2-3 targets for your child using a sheet called “All About Me”. These targets may address literacy, numeracy, attendance or the social and emotional development of your child. We’ll identify steps to take and ways forward to help your child reach their target within the given timeframe.


Later in the year, we will hold a review meeting of these targets. Together we’ll assess the progress of your child and identify the next steps, whether this is creating a new target or identifying further support for your child.


These meetings usually last between 15-20 minutes, and can be booked at any point throughout the afternoon/evening (12:30-6pm).


The school office will notify you once the online booking system has opened.