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Our Home Learning approach

Audio version of our home learning approach

Home Learning Guidance For Parents 


If your child is required to stay home at any point during the school year home learning activities and suggestions are available here for you to complete with your child when at home with them.


Helping  primary school children continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19):

Advice for parents and carers looking after primary school children: While staying at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19), parents and carers will be concerned about their children’s education and the impact of missing school. No one expects parents to act as teachers, or to provide the activities and feedback that a school would. Parents and carers should do their best to help children and support their learning.


Home Learning in the Fern Federation


If we are in lockdown and the children are working from home:


Work will be posted on your child's class page each week and suggested activities for you to complete with them each day. This will be provided on a word document for you to work through at your own pace. Please try and complete as many of the activities suggested as possible. We understand many of you are working from home also so how you organise the completion of the tasks is up to you. For example if you are unable to do any work on Monday you could complete Monday and Tuesday activities together on Tuesday in one go. Please make the home learning work for your circumstances.


Along with the activities teacher will post, videos for the children to watch to support them with the activity, Powerpoints, activity templates/ questions linked to the activities in the table. 


There are many ways to send us the work you have completed at home, you can: 

  • Our preferred option is to log into SeeSaw and press the + and add a picture/video or type a note and post it on your seesaw page and the class teacher will pick it up and offer feedback. 
  • Take a picture and send via Class Dojo (if this is set up in your child's class)
  • Send it directly to the class teachers email
  • Use office 365 and share your work  by clicking the share button and typing in the class teachers email which will be available on the class page home learning document. But if you are unable to find it please contact the school.


If you are unable to complete the activities online complete it on a paper, unfortunately  at present this will not be able to be returned to school. 


If your child is in school and needs to self isolate:


If children are self isolating,  there will be a list of suggested home learning tasks that will be posted each half term linked to the topic for children to complete on their class pages. How to turn this work into your class teacher is written on the bottom of this document. 


Other online learning resources we are using:


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl has a number of free online ebooks each class has their owl log in where books can be accessed at home at this link 



For Maths all Ks2 classes we are currently using Sum Dog to practise times tables and also there is maths training on there they can log into. This will adapt to the ability of your child so dont worry if it is too hard initially it will change to suit the ability of your child. Please contact your child's teacher for their log in details. This app can be accessed independently and they will not require your support when using this.


J2Blast on Hwb

In addition to this to further develop their times tables practise they can also use the J2 Blast app on J2Easy to select times tables they would like to practise and refine. Using the TT blast game. 





Children can work on their spellings that have been set weekly by their class teacher and then also choose from a variety of spelling lists linked to their stage and age. 


For help with using the online programs we currently use to support the online home learning  please look in the 'How to Videos' within the Fern Federation home learning area. Follow this link


If you are unable to access learning online please ask the class teacher for other options we can provide.