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Monday 25th

Help Video 11 and 12 times-table

Maths - Mild - Monday 25th January

Maths - Med/Spicy - Monday 25th January


Let’s be explorers! Imagine we have gone through the wardrobe together and we are in a new jungle. If I passed you my telescope, an instrument that makes far away objects look closer, what would you see through it? What would the new jungle be like? What weird and wonderful things would be in this new place?

Creative challenge: In the circle, draw what you would see through my telescope.


Your log

  Now let’s imagine we have explored our new jungle and you are going to write your explorer’s log. Follow the same pattern as mine and use this planner to jot down the ideas for yours.


There's a brand new Joe Wicks' PE Lesson going live at 9am! 

I'm determined to get a Craig Yr Hesg Shoutout this week!

I'm in the school hub this morning so I'll be doing my best commenting on the video as it plays. If you're up at 9am to do it live, keep putting comments in (or ask an adult at home to comment whilst you're being active) and let's get a mention!

Have a go at one of Joe Wicks workouts and get someone to film you and send us the clip on seesaw.

Joe’s PE lessons will be running on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s on his YouTube channel at 9am. Try and start your day with these sessions



Monday 25th January Gardening Challenge!

Monday's Great Gardening Challenge!


Make yourself some loo roll pots like the ones below.

Example of Pots

There are loads of vegetables that you can re-plant on your kitchen windowsill when adults are done with cooking.


Dry out some peas before planting them and watching them turn into tasty pea shoots.  


Try planting the top of a carrot to regrow into some tasty carrot flavoured leaves for salads.


You can plant old onions and garlic to grow leaves.