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LIVE - Well-Being and Chat Session 11am

Today will be our live session, so you can see your teachers and your friends. For you to join, your parents will need to have given permission and signed the form. You will need to access Google Meet through HWB. Miss Andrews has sent your HWB logins to your parents. 



Spelling of the Day

Today's spelling of the day is..


Can you find out what this word means?
Challenge - Use this word in a sentence

Minecraft Challenge

Your challenge today is to build a traditional classroom environment more suitable to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Should we have class outside? Social distance the desks?

Build bigger classrooms?

Brainstorm ideas then build them in Minecraft! 

Physical Challenge

Can you complete the lockdown workout 6 for Cardiff Blues? 

Don’t forget to post a picture or a video when you have completed it!